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CQI Regrade

As an existing CQI member, you can regrade to a higher membership grade as your career advances.

CQI Regrade options

The table below shows our three professional grades; next to each grade you will find a brief description of who the grade is for, a link to the application requirements and, in the final column, a button to start your regrade*.

Before you begin the regrade process make sure you:

  • check out the application requirements for the grade you are interested in by clicking ‘Requirements’
  • view our regrade fees

If you are not sure which grade of membership is best for you, use our handy Regrade Quiz to find out.

*You will only see the start regrade button if a regrade is available for you.

How your regrade is processed

Step 1: Complete the online regrade process and submit your application and regrade fee
Step 2: Your application will go through a two-stage assessment by a Membership Advisor and Technical Reviewing Officer. A Membership Advisor will contact you if we require any further information to support your application
Step 3: Once we are satisfied that you meet the relevant grade criteria, we will issue a membership offer to you by email and your record will be updated. You will not need to take any further action.