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Mr Erik Gremeyer

Certification number: 6023589

Phone: 06132 - 44 97 96
Web site:

SchemeGradeExpiry dateVersion
Information SecurityLead Auditor1/1/20252013

Industry sectors: Publishing Companies; Chemical Products & Fibres; Basic Metals/Fabric Metal Production; Machinery & Equipment; Electrical/Optical Equipment; Recycling; Electricity Supply; Gas Supply; Water Supply; Wholesale/Repair/etc.; Transport/Storage/Comms; Financial Inter/Real Estate; Information Technology; Engineering Service; Other Service; Public Administration; Education; Private;
Short Biography: Erik Gremeyer is a managing consultant and trusted advisor and auditor in the information and communication industry. Erik has worked over 11 years for EDS an HP-Company to enable customers by optimization their IT efforts. In 2009 Erik founded his own consulting and auditing business: